Share Your eCopy Now

If you are ready to share your eCopy now with our team to prepare it, print a hardcopy and ship it then please follow the instructions below.

Share Your eCopy Now

If you’re ready to share your eCopy

If all your files are organized into volumes or volumes and documents, all the file names meet the eCopy formatting requirements and your files are in PDF format…

Please save your eCopy in Dropbox and share it with us at the following email address: This is Rob Packard‘s email address and he will sign an NDA if requested. After your eCopy has been shipped you can unshare the folder or delete the eCopy. If you do not already have a Dropbox account, we can create one specific for you and share the folder.

Remember to include color printing instructions in Dropbox if you want color printing. After we have validated the eCopy we will send you an invoice via PayPal for your eCopy service order. Pay the Paypal invoice we send you to confirm your order is ready to print.

If you want your eCopy expedited, or you just want to make sure we received your service order, text us that you need an expedited FDA eCopy shipment by sending an email to: You can also text +1.802.258.1881.

Do you want a second hardcopy for your paper records?

If you want a second hardcopy shipped to you, please provide the shipping address and we will provide a separate invoice for the second copy.

If you’re not quite ready to share your eCopy

If you are still preparing your submission, we are available to help on a consulting basis for any part of your submission. The hourly rate is $250/hour. If you need help creating an eCopy we can do this for you from your native files or you can download the eCopy guidance below.

Download FDA eCopy Guidance

If you are done, but you want to make sure all the elements of the applicable RTA Checklist have been satisfied, then please download the appropriate RTA checklist from the following links:

FDA eCopy Checklist

Fda ecopy checklist 161103

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