Price of FDA eCopy Service

The price for FDA eCopy services depends upon two factors: 1) how many pages is your submission, and 2) whether you need color printing.


Price factors #1 for an FDA eCopy: page count

The price for preparing an FDA eCopy depends upon the number of pages, because many submissions are shorter in length. For example, if you need to revise the 510k summary your hardcopy may be less than 10 pages. The price of printing and shipping 10 pages is less than 1,000 pages, but there is a minimum charge for FedEx express shipments. All of our flash drives cost the same regardless of how much data storage you need, and there is very little difference between the cost of 3-ring binders

Price factor #2 for an FDA eCopy: color

There is no requirement for color printing, and FDA will not care if your hardcopy is in color or black and white (B&W) print. However, some graphs and photos communicate more information if they are printed in color. We assume that all pages will be printed in B&W with grey scale for printing of photos and graphs. If you want color you must specify which pages, documents or sections of the submission should be printed in color. You must include color printing instructions as a separate, clearly labeled document in the Dropbox folder.

Standard Price for an FDA eCopy

We am offering this service for a rate of $250.00 + $0.15/page for B&W (+$0.30/page for color). This rate includes shipping, binder, box and the flash drive. For example, a typical 1,000 page B&W submission would cost $400. Our formating checklist also shows how we document the price determination for your FDA eCopy.

Price Discount for New Customers

For first-time customers, we are offering a $100 discount for eCopy submissions. For example, the total cost (including shipping) for your 500-page pre-submission is:

$150+$0.15/page (B&W) = $225 for 500 pages


$150+$0.30/page (Color) = $300 for 500 pages

FDA eCopy Checklist


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