Arrival time for your FDA eCopy?

We ship via FedEx Overnight Express to the FDA’s document center, and the typical arrival time is 10am (Eastern) the next day.

arrival time

Shipments of your FDA eCopy are sent via FedEx express from Albany airport, and if there is a possible weather delay to the eCopy arrival time you are identified when we invoice you.

Example of Arrival Time

This following example gives you a hypothetical example of how we expedite a shipment of an FDA eCopy that was created in Germany and achieve delivery and successful uploading of the eCopy in 24 hours.

  1. You share your Dropbox folder at 9:00pm (GMT+1), Thursday November 3rd. You are in Berlin, Germany and it’s 4:00pm (EDT) in Vermont. The Dropbox email is:
  2. You text us that you need an expedited FDA eCopy shipment by sending an email to:
  3. We create an eCopy flash drive and validate the eCopy using software provided by the FDA. The eCopy passes out internal validation and we send you a PayPal invoice at 4:30pm.
  4. We receive payment from you at 4:45pm and we begin printing your submission.
  5. We pack the binder and the flash drive for shipment at 5:15pm.
  6. We create a FedEx shipping label and send you the tracking number at 5:20pm, but we have missed the scheduled FedEx pick-up.
  7. We load your package into the car and deliver your FDA eCopy to the local FedEx shipping location at 5:35pm. You receive email notification of the tracking scan.
  8. Your shipment arrives and is signed for by the FDA at 10:00am (EDT) on Friday, November 4th.
  9. You receive confirmation from FedEx tracking that your shipment arrival time is 3:01pm (GMT+1).
  10. The FDA processes your submission the same day, and you receive email acknowledgement that your eCopy was successfully received and uploaded at 9:00pm (GMT+1)–just 24 hours after you first contacted us.

FDA eCopy Checklist

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